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Optimize Conception and Prevent Abortion with
Stategic Vaccination
Modified-live virus (MLV) vaccines are a great option for producers looking to manage cattle herd health in the long term. They offer a more robust immune response, and can be more ef- ficacious at preventing diseases versus killed vaccines. However, if not properly administered, there may be significant re- percussions for the herd’s overall produc- tivity. For example: If a pregnant animal receives an MLV vaccine during preg- nancy and she wasn’t vaccinated pre- breeding according to label directions, it is not uncommon to hear about abortions after the MLV vaccine was given. MLV vaccines can also impact the cycling of
animals that are ready to be bred.
Dr. Peggy Thompson
Professional Services Vetrinarian Boehringer Ingeheim
immune response, so that the next time they receive an MLV vaccine when they become pregnant, their immune system knows how to work through that process without causing an abortion.
Note that not all cattle will create im- munity from the first dose of a vaccine. There are many factors that could inter- fere with the response to the first or even second vaccine, such as stress, poor nutrition or even age. Improper storage and handling of the vaccine can also be detrimental. This is why we recommend multiple vaccinations to ensure full im- munity is developed across the herd.
Create Immunity Prior To reeding
FImplementing a successful MLV vac- cine program greatly depends on how and when they’re used, herd health and knowing your herd’s vaccination history. To ensure animal safety and get the best results, follow label directions and work with your veterinarian to determine what type of vaccine is best for your operation.
Because we’re trying to get the heifer bred for the first time, the last thing we want to do is interfere with her cy- cling. We typically recommend two to three MLV vaccine injections prior to breeding, to get a majority of the herd to respond to the vaccine and create opti- mal immunity. Most cattle will create an
Choosing a Vaccine That’s Best or Your Operation
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Before the smoke has even cleared, a phoenix, which obtains new life from the ashes of its predecessor appeared. But it wasn’t the mythological bird. It was the prayers and tearful words, both written and spoken. The phoenix was reincarnated as semi-trailers loaded with hay, feed, fence posts and barbed wire. They hit the roads with American Flags tethered to their pre- cious cargo. They came from nearly every USA zip code where cows eat grass.
Conspicuous by their absence were ani- mal rights groups and the shrill voices who never miss a chance to protest Capitalism, Christianity and the USA Constitution.
Team Nichols pondered— what should we do? Our inventory of round bales are needed to feed our own cows. They are stored outside and we doubt they could even make the trip.
We decided we would contribute what we do best. We are offering a yearling An- gus bull that’s out of our top priced pen. He’s the latest in a long line of Nichols born and bred sires. His dam is a direct descendant of, “the best cow that ever ate grass”, Nichols Lula P103..
Every penny of his sale price will go through the Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation to the Gardiner Angus Ranch This is a great opportunity to buy a really good herd bull and chip in a little extra for our “brothers and sisters”, who watched their life’s work go up in smoke.
A few days later Mark Gardiner called me and asked? “Would it be all right if he gave the Nichols Farms check to a young neighbor who had lost all most every thing he owned. He needs it more than we do”. I said YES!
At the question and answer portion of the Cattle U Seminar, I was asked, what should we do to stop cattlemen from fight- ing with each other? I replied— Cattlemen shouldstartactinglikeAmericans. Iwas dead ass wrong! Americans Should
Start Acting Like Cattlemen!
What You Sow, You Will Reap. What You Give, You Get. What You See in Others... Exists in You.

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