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Jay Reynolds from page one —
However, F1 cows have some downside. In terms of disposition, they are “high energy, skittish” cattle that don’t like being backed into a corner. They are also discounted by feedlots primarily because of their tendency to produce lower quality carcasses.
150 Cowpokes/Cowgals on the Iowa Angus Tour came in on a cloud of dust
F1 Brahman/Hereford “Tiger Stripes” and F1 Brahman/Angus cows— which are purchased
In terms of picking out herd sires, Jay sorts out a list of bulls based on their birth weight, weaning weight, yearling weight and milk EPDs, and he then lets Nichols Farms’ Ross Havens sort out from that list what will work best for them. “They have been down here and know what we need. They pay special attention to hair coat and disposition,” Jay explains. “We like the ease of doing business with Nichols, and the way they stand behind their bulls. We’ve been really,
really happy with the bulls
they send down.”
Most importantly, Jay and his wife Trena have a young family—Webb at 7, Helen who is 4, and Mac who is 2. He is anxious
for them to get old enough to help out, and “learn the family farm work ethic just like I did.” Ultimately, the hope is there will be enough interest to keep the family in the cattle and Quarter Horse business for another generation.
Jay and Mac on the grey “Rockin W” mare and Helen on the palomino sox gelding
as heifers, and bred to Nichols Angus bulls.
In terms of maternal
traits, F1 Brahman cows
produce maximum heterosis and breed complementarity. This is particularly seen in fertility and longevity, and it is not unusual for the average F1 cow to last from 12 to 18 years. With longevity being the most economically important trait, they have no equal.
That is where Nichols Angus bulls come in. Jay explains, “The F1 cows have a lot of length of body and stretch, and the Nichols Angus are heavy bodied and thick based, which results in feeder cattle that top the market in their weight class and are marketable as replacement heifers. The Nichols bulls also add carcass qual- ity, growth, calm disposition and hold up in the heat. In addition, Nichols Farms has name recognition when marketing either steers or replacement heifers.”
Eva Hurickson, Miss American Angus, Dave Nichols and Allie Bieber, Miss Iowa Angus were all smiles and ignored “Social Distancing”
Were Greated by Dave Nichols. Analyzed Heritage Cows. Plus Magnificent Donors and Herd Sires

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