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by Brian Fieser Ph.D.
Beef Field Nutritionist, ADM Animal Nutrition, Inc
Hopefully this finds everyone well and enjoying good weather! I have prob- ably said in this space before that
I am a football junkie, and I have been thrilled to have football back this fall, even if the Big 10 took their time getting going!
One of the tactics that coaches at all levels employ for improvement is to prac- tice “good on good”. What this means is that you practice your best defensive play- ers against your best offensive players, “good on good”. The exception might be if you live in a small town like mine where the offensive starters are the defensive starters and there aren’t enough back-ups to practice against anyway! The intention of this practice is to make your best play- ers better by pairing them with the best competition.
Through the continued utilization of EPD’s, indexes, and progeny testing, and especially with the application of genomic testing, we are living in times of rapid genetic explosion. I can’t recall a time
in my life where we are making genetic advancements as fast as we are at this time. And at the same time, we still feed our cattle the same as we have for the past 20+ years. With the introduction of AminoGain® to the market, I believe that feeding cattle on an amino acid balanced
basis is one of the most novel advances in cattle nutrition in the past half century or longer!
I have had the discussion with many people...One of the first being Dave Nichols, that we have bred cattle that are far ahead of our nutritional capabilities. Essentially, our breeding programs have out-paced our feeding programs. So
what happens when we take genetically elite cattle and pair them with a superior feeding program? We recently studied this concept at ADM’s Intensive Research Center near Quincy, IL, by feeding a set
of 120 steers of known advanced genetics with our most recent amino acid balancing technology. By aligning the genetic and nutritional programs, we produced a set
of steers that were on feed for 147 days with an ADG more than 5% over that of the control, that paid out with over 92% of the cattle grading choice or higher, and 93% of the cattle at a yield grade 1, 2, or 3.
This reinforces that when we go “good on good” with our cattle production, exceptional outcomes are achievable, not unlike what we see in football! If you want more proof of this concept, look at the kind of gains and feed conversions provided
for Nichols bulls, or better yet, call Dave or Ross and see what they have seen by go- ing “good on good”. With the AminoGain advantage, we are able to help your feed- ing program unleash the genetic potential of your breeding program!
l Nichols Farms, l
Thank you for donating your time to show the success of your operation on the 2020 Iowa Angus Tour!
Looking forward to seeing You in the near future!
Thank You,
Allie Bieber
2020 Miss Iowa Angus
from you
from Trevor Williams,
Interior, South Dakota
We have found the Nichols program delivers a very dependable product that hits the mark on what you are try- ing to achieve.
Ross Havens will accommodate you and go over anything and everything you could want on Angus cattle. Our family has used Nichols bulls for over two decades and each year they get better. Dave and his crew are as good of people as you could ever meet. And they stand behind their product.
from * Elizabeth Lee, Professor of Agriculture, University of Guelph, Guelph, Canada
Hello from north of the border! I hope everyone is healthy and safe. What a year 2020 has been and it’s only half over... I’ve been putting this email off for the past month, but it is time that I have faced the facts that the 2020 Midwest Tour is not going to happen.
First time in 51 years that there has
not been a U of Quelph Aggie Tour late August/early September. So this year will be a bit odd for me. And I will miss seeing you all and spending time on the road with Ken and 50 students.
I’m hopeful that the tour will return in 2021 amd that we can start planning for the 2021 Midwest Tour.
* If people don’t trust you, science doesn’t matter either. —Jack Bobo
from Trace Shambough, Circle G Ranch, Buffalo, Wyoming
Dave, we received the bulls yesterday, they look amazing, healthy and sound.
Can’t wait to turn them into the cows. I want to thank you for the opportunity to visit with you and your operation last winter. Wishing you all the best with trying times. Thank you again!
from Tom Burke, Smithville, Missouri
Dave, Congradulations on a great stop on the Iowa Angus tour! It was a genu- ine highlight to see the Nichols Angus program in its finest hour!

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