Page 7 - Semen Catalog June 2019
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Justin Stiens viewing first hand,
what $Combined is all about. $C includes nearly all the traits from “pasture to plate”.
Pat Goheen with the CRV Bull Stud of Madison, Wisconsin purchased the Proven Performer bull, Nichols Bounty Hunter Z274.
Ross Havens (right) told him, “Nichols semen customers get the same benefits as bull customers.”
Regardless of herd size, “Team Nichols” always stands ready to help their customers adopt a sim- ple breeding plan, and will sug- gest bulls or semen that will get the job done. Plus, Ross will no- tify selected feedlots when their calves sell.
Seedstock breeders also can count on Dave or Ross sharing their half-century of experience.
This will help their customers choose the semen that will help them reach their goals of breed- ing high performance, hard work- ing and problem free seedstock.
The Nichols Family have depended on Hawkeye Breeders to collect, process and store their herd bulls’ semen even before it was possible to freeze it. The se- men offered in this catalog will be shipped from Hawk- eye Breeders at Adel, Iowa. The price per unit and the Bull’s registration # is located in their comments.

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